Myth, Rumour and Legend


    There are as many myths about the various Quality Schemes run by Bord Bia as there are truths.

    If you have a query, pick up the phone and just ask us!

    There is no point listening to some of the wilder myths and rumours doing the rounds, you will just get the wrong information from the wrong sources and end up being mis-led at the very least.

    I was told a farmer was failed for not worming his cat

    In the entire history of the QA schemes, no one was ever made not elligible for solely not worming a cat or dog. They may well have received a non compliance for this, but it was NOT the only or main issue on that farm.

    Auditors are looking for ways to fail me

    This is getting the situation completely backwards. Auditors are there to prove COMPLIANCE with the scheme, not trying to prove NON-COMPLIANCE. There is a subtle but very important difference.

    Auditors are Paid more to FAIL people

    Completely Untrue. Auditors receive the same fee, regardless of outcome.

Frequent Questions

    How do I Record my Animal Remedy Records Properly?

    This is really easy to do if you do it regularly, but a nightmare to do if you leave it until the last minute.

  • Keep it Simple!
  • Keep It Straight!
  • Do It Often!
  • The short video below explains what you need to do and how to do it...

    ARR-HowTo from David Mullins on Vimeo.

    Why did I not get my Quality Bonus?

    While your farm may indeed be Quality Assured, this does NOT necessarily mean all your cattle sent for slaughter will receive a Quality Assurance Bonus, as this payment is dependant on other factors, outside of Bord Bia control.

    It is solely YOUR Responsibility to Check!

    It is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that you check out your particular situation BEFORE sending your cattle to the factory. It is too late afterwards, as NOTHING can be done, post slaughter, if there is a dispute.

    The very minimum you should do is:

  • Check Your Herd Numbers Quality Assurance Status prior to sending your cattle to factory. CLICK HERE TO CHECK NOW
  • Check with your factory buyer, what the exact criteria are, in order that your cattle receive a Quality Assurance Bonus, i.e. Age, Number of Movements, Days Residency, Grade etc.
  • Who Pays the Quality Assurance Bonus?

    Your Meat Plant pays any Quality Assurance Bonus based on commercial criteria and market conditions at time of slaughter of your animals

    Is the Quality Assurance Bonus Not Paid from the Bord Bia Levy?

    NO. The Bord Bia Levy is a Statutory Levy, laid down by legislation, that part funds Bord Bias' Promotional Activity throughout the world on behalf of ALL Irish Farmers, Quality Assured or not.

    What Are the Residency Requirements for Cattle?

    The Residency requirement for Cattle to be deemed Quality Assured is that the Bovine must have spent the last 70 days (unbroken) in the Quality Assured Chain

    What this means is that an animal could have spent 30 days on one Quality Assured farm, then moved to another Qualty Assured Farm and spent a further 40 days on that farm. The animal is therefore deemed Quality Assured

    How Many Movements are Allowed?

    Bord Bia place NO RESTRICTIONS on the number of movements a bovine has had, for it to be deemed Quality Assured. Any movement restrictions applied are solely at the discretion of the Meat Plant and these restrictions may even differ between competing Meat Plants. It is YOUR responsibilty to check this prior to taking your cattle to factory.

    What Happens After My Audit?

    Once your closing meeting has been completed with the Inspector, the inspection details go through some further steps before final decision. These are as follows:

  • The Inspection report goes to the Inspection Body for Initial review
  • On completion of this step, the Inspection Report is forwarded to a Bord Bia Independent Reviewer for analysis
  • Finally, the Inspection report, including all Review Stage data is sent forward to the Bord Bia Certification Committee for Certification or other decision
  • The producer (You) will receive a communication outlining the determination of the Bord Bia Certification Committee regarding your Certification Status. This communication may detail any Areas for Improvement or Non Compliances and whether or not you have been successful
  • How Long Does it Take?

    You should be aware that this entire process, from application through to final certification can take up to 5 weeks to complete! Just because you have had your inspection, does NOT mean it is the end of the process.

    How Long am I certified for?

    Producers who are generally compliant, receive an 18 month certification period. The length of certification may be shortened at the discretion of Bord Bia.

    Will I Get a Card?

    NO. Certification cards were discontinued several years ago when the ON-LINE checking system came in. You can check your QA status at any time here.