Interested in Becoming a Bord Bia Farm Inspector?

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What is involved and who it might suit

A Bord Bia farm inspector is a very important part of the Bord Bia Sustainable Assurance Schemes and requires a very special skill set to be successful.

  • People who like interacting with other farmers and who enjoy an outdoor, varied life
  • Young farmers who may be involved in the family farm but who may need / want something to go with that
  • Part time farmers who may need / want something to supplement their income
  • Farmers partners / wives who may be involved in the family farm but who may need / want something extra
  • If you think this might be for you, then please read on to see if this would be a fit for your particular circumstances.

    This role suits people from a farming background, who may have their own farms or be active on their family farm. It is a very flexible role, allowing inspectors choose when and where they work and caters well for specific times of the year on farm, i.e. calving season, harvest etc

    Farm inspectors must have an eye for detail and excellent observation skills, while being able to engage fully with farmers on their farms.

    This means that inspectors must be able to truly multi-task - keeping a conversation going with the farmer, while gathering all the necessary information.

    Inspectors need to be able to assess each situation and come to a balanced conclusion regarding how well the farm complies with each section of the Bord Bia standard.

    Minimum Requirements for Inspectors

    To become a Bord Bia farm inspector, candidates should have the following pre-requisites as a minimum.

  • Have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Be computer literate.
  • Preferably have an Ag Science degree or eqivalent farming qualification
  • Have relevant farming experience (Beef, Lamb, Dairy)
  • Ideally have experience dealing with people
  • Have a clean Driving licence
  • Have their own transport
  • Have good organisational skills
  • You would be contracted to AgriData Ltd as an Independant Contractor

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  • There are two ISO Inspection Bodies, AgriData Ltd and Capita Customer Solutions, who are tasked with maintaining a pool of qualified farm inspectors to cover all 26 counties of Ireland and depending on where you are based, you will fall into either one of these.

    Once you click the SUBMIT button, having filled in the form correctly, you will see to which company you need to send your CV. Both our email addresses are listed on the bottom of this page for convenience, but you should send your updated CV to the correct company identified on completion of the form.

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    Should you have any queries regarding becoming a farm inspector, please contact our office during office hours, using one of the methods below.

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